Alumni of UCLA's Astronomy Graduate Program

For any corrections or updates, please email webmaster[at] You may click on the column headings to sort the entries. Women indicated by asterisk. Alumni from other UCLA Graduate Programs with PhD Advisors in Astronomy are denoted by "§".

Name Year Current Position E-Mail Address Advisorsort ascending
Brant Owen Nelson 1996 2MASS Staff Scientist, IPAC/Caltech Malkan, Matt
Frederick Keith Baganoff 1996 Research Scientist, a member of the Chandra/ACIS Instrument Team and of the NuSTAR Science Team, MIT Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research Malkan, Matt
Wayne Buell Webb 1992 Staff Research Associate Astronomer; Director, UCLA; International Space Systems, The Aerospace Corporation Malkan, Matt
Chun Ly 2010 NASA Postdoctoral Fellow, Goddard Space Flight Center or Malkan, M.
Alaina Henry* 2009 NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellow, Goddard Space Flight Center Malkan, M.
Nate Ross 2015 Sr. Systems Engineer 1 , Raytheon Malkan, M.
Tiffany Michelle Glassman* 2002 Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Larkin, James
Shelley Wright* 2008 Assistant Professor, UC San Diego Larkin, James
Michael William McElwain 2007 Staff Scientist: Civil Servant, Goddard Space Flight Center Larkin, James
Matthew Michael Barczys 2006 Systems Engineer, NASA, Johnson Space Center Larkin, James
Joseph Hakjin Rhee 2004 Postdoctoral Researcher, UCLA Larkin, James
Jeffrey Chilcote 2014 Dunlap Postdoc Fellow, University of Toronto Larkin, J.
Chris Crockett 2011 Astronomer; Writing for Science News, U.S. Naval Observatory Larkin, J.
Harry Louis Burger 1980 Senior Scientist, Toyon Research Corporation Katz, Jonathan
Christine Hsiao-Ching Chen* 2002 Associate Astronomer, Space Telescope Science Institute Jura, Mike
Dong-Woo Kim 1988 Astrophysicist, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics Jura, Mike
Peter Plavchan§ 2006 Staff Scientist, Caltech Jura, Mike
Robin Bruce Ciardullo 1986 Professor of Astronomy, Penn State University Jura, Mike
Isabel Hawkins* 1986 Senior Staff Scientist, Space Sciences Laboratory, UCB Jura, Mike
David Michael Meyer 1984 Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Northwestern University Jura, Mike
Richard Alan Nolthenius 1984 Scientist / Instructor, Univesity of California Santa Cruz / Cabrillo College Jura, Mike
Pornchai Pacharintanakul 1981 Professor of Astronomy, Chulalongkorn University Thailand Jura, Mike
Sarah Jane Lipscy* 2004 Engineer, Ball Aerospace Jura, Mike
Beth Klein* 2011 Postdoctoral Researcher, UCLA Jura, M.
Siyi Xu* 2014 ESO Fellow, ESO (European Southern Observatory) Jura, M.
John David Anderson 1967 Senior Research Scientist (retired), Jet Propulsion Laboratory Herrick, Samuel
Steve Berukoff§ 2009 Assistant Director for Data Products, National Ecological Observation Network Hansen, B.
Eugene Chen§ 2008 Scientist, DecisionNext (San Francisco) Hansen, B.
Shane Frewen 2015 Physics and Computer Science Teacher, Flintridge Preparatory School Hansen, B.
Ian Crossfield 2012 Sagan Postdoctoral Fellow, U. Arizona, Lunar & Planetary Lab Hansen, B.
Angelle Maria Tanner* 2003 Assistant Professor, Mississippi State University Ghez, Andrea
Jessica Lu* 2008 Assistant Astronomer, IfA/Hawaii Ghez, Andrea
Jennifer Lynn Patience* 1999 Associate Professor, Arizona State University Ghez, Andrea
Russel Joseph White 1999 Associate Professor, Georgia State University Ghez, Andrea
Seth David Hornstein 2006 Senior Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder Ghez, Andrea
Caer-Eve McCabe* 2004 Research Scientist, Eureka Scientific Inc Ghez, Andrea
Tuan Do 2010 Assistant Research Scientist, UCLA Ghez, A.
Quinn Konopacky* 2009 Assisstant Professor, UC San Diego Ghez, A.
Breann Sitarski* 2016 Member of the Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation Ghez, A.
Sylvana Yelda* 2012 Data Scientist, Gravity Ghez, A.
Keri Dixon*§ 2012 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Sussex Furlanetto, S.
Fred Davies 2015 Postdoctoral Scholar, Max-Planck Institut fur Astronomie (MPIA) Furlanetto, S.
Lauren Holzbauer* 2014 Government Employee, Non-Astronomy Institution Furlanetto, S.
Christopher Muir Price 1978 Support Scientist, Carnegie Inst. of Washington Obs. Ford, Holland
David Grahame Lawrie 1978 Scientist, Aerospace Corporation Ford, Holland
George Howard Jacoby 1978 Deputy Director (Technology), Lowell Observatory Ford, Holland
Tom Esposito 2015 Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley Fitzgerald, M.
Li-Wei Hung* 2016 Night Skies Research Scientist, National Park Service Fitzgerald, M.
Bruce Edward Bohannan 1973 Astronomer, Kitt Peak National Observatory Epps, Harland
Robert Lewis Hurt§ 1993 2MASS Staff Scientist, IPAC/Caltech Coroniti, Ferd/Turner, Jean
Omar Al Hurricane§ 1994 Coroniti, Ferd/Pellat, R.
Stewart Lee Moses§ 1986 Coroniti, Ferd/Kennel, C.
Lukas Mandrake 2002 Research Astronomer, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Coroniti, Ferd
Richard K. Albano 1989 Coroniti, Ferd
Lukas Mandrake§ 2002 Coroniti, Ferd
Richard K. Albano§ 1989 Coroniti, Ferd
Philip Jon Sakimoto 1985 Program Planning Specialist, Office of Space Science, NASA Headquarters Coroniti, Ferd
Brian Mathew Punsly§ 1988 Coroniti, Ferd
Gordon Eric Eggum§ 1986 Coroniti, Ferd
Jo Eliza Pitesky* 1993 Staff Scientist, Jet Propulsion Laboratory Coroniti, Ferd
Yi-Tian Gao 1991 Faculty Associate / Laboratory Director, China Cline, David
Michael J. Schwartz 2004 Professor of Astronomy, Santa Monica College Becklin, Eric/ Young. E
Patrick James Lowrance 2000 Spitzer Staff Scientist, IPAC/Caltech Becklin, Eric
Jay Farihi§ 2004 Assistant Professor, University College London Becklin, Eric
Murray Daniel Silverstone 2000 Instructor of Physics and Astronomy, University of Alabama Becklin, Eric
Bruce Alan Macintosh 1994 Professor of Physics, Stanford University Becklin, Eric
Siek Hyung 1992 Professor of Astronomy, Chungbuk National Universiry, Korea Aller, Lawrence
Roland Le Roy Carpenter 1966 Professor Emeritus of Astronomy, Cal State University Los Angeles Aller, Lawrence
William Henry Clarke 1965 Professor of Astronomy, University of Toronto Aller, Lawrence
James Bailey Kaler 1964 Professor of Astronomy, University of Illinois Aller, Lawrence
Geraldine Joan Peters* 1974 Professor (Research) of Physics & Astronomy, University of Southern California Aller, Lawrence
Mark Allen Fry 1973 Scientist, Air Force Weapons Lab Aller, Lawrence
Stephen James Little 1971 Visiting Professor of Astronomy, University of Colorado Aller, Lawrence
John Ernest Ross 1971 Professor of Astrophysics, University of Queensland Australia Aller, Lawrence
Michael Moses Dworetsky 1971 Senior Lecturer of Astronomy, University College London Aller, Lawrence
Sara Ridgway Heap* 1970 Scientist, Goddard Space Flight Center Aller, Lawrence
David Stanley Leckrone 1969 Project Scientist--Hubble Space Telescope (retired), Goddard Space Flight Center Aller, Lawrence
Charles Dayton Keyes 1981 Scientist, Space Telescope Science Institute Aller, Lawrence
Bernard James O'Mara 1967 Professor of Astrophysics, University of Queensland Australia Aller, Lawrence
George William Rainey Jr. 1977 Faculty, California Polytechnic University Abell, George
Thomas Stephen Eastmond 1977 Faculty, Santa Ana Community College Abell, George
Ronald Joseph Richard 1975 Faculty, Thomas Aquinas College Abell, George
John Mottmann 1972 Professor of Astronomy, California Polytechnic University Abell, George
Edwin Charles Krupp 1972 Director, Griffith Observatory Abell, George
Donald Henry Gudehus 1971 Adjunct Associate Professor of Astronomy, Georgia State University Abell, George
Anna Boehle