Jon Zink

Jon Zink
Graduate Student

Office: Knudsen 3-145N
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Positions Held: 
  • Current: High School Summer Observing Workshop Coordinator (Outreach)

In an attempt to preserve scientific interest between high school and college, he leads a summer research workshop for high school students. The goal is to help students of under-represented groups pursue scientific career paths.

  • 2018 - 2019: Exploring Your Universe Coordinator (Outreach)

Here we encourage local schools from around the Los Angeles area to attend a daylong event, where complex topics in science are explained through hands-on demonstrations. This year our attendance exceeded 7,000 people.

Research Interest: 

Jon is a graduate student working with Brad Hansen. He uses space-based data to look for new exoplanets and explores the demographics that make up the known exoplanet population.  He is an active member of the ''Scaling K2'' collaboration, which is using the K2 mission data to look for new exoplanets and understand the diversity of planets discovered in our galaxy. The focus of his reasearch is understanding the exoplanet multiplicity distribution and determining the uniqueness of our solar system.