Pauline Arriaga

Pauline Arriaga
Graduate Student

Office: Knudsen 3-145P
Phone: 310-825-2925
E-Mail: [javascript protected email address]

Research Interest: 

Pauline Arriaga is a graduate student working with Michael Fitzgerald. She works on polarimetric high-contrast imaging of exoplanets and debris disks using the Gemini Planet Imager instrument. She has further contributed to the Gemini Planet Imager pipeline as well as the Python implementation of the Karhunen-Loeve Image Processing (PyKLIP). She has completed instrumentation work as part of the UCLA Infrared Lab, working on the Keck telescope's OSIRIS imager, UCLA's 24-in telescope and heliostat, focusing on characterization of infrared detectors and the implementation of motor controllers. She has completed major reform to the Physics 4AL/4BL laboratory classes, which had formerly used Excel for analysis and black-box equipment, to engaging labs that utilized Jupyter Python notebooks and student-built Arduino sensors. Since 2016, she has organized events for PhD defenses, and has served as a coordinator of the UCLA Planetarium since 2018.