Thesis Results

     On May 8th, 2014 I successfully defended my thesis, Investigating Low-Mass Binary Stars And Brown Dwarfs with Near-Infrared Spectroscopy.
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On this page I provide links to download the latex files for each of the tables in my thesis. I also provide Excel workbooks for larger tables.

Latex source for all tables.

L, T, and Y Dwarf Census Through 2014 February
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Chapter 2: The Highly Eccentric Pre-Main Sequence Spectroscopic Binary RX J0529.3+1210
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Chapter 3: Dynamical Measurements of the Young Upper Scorpius Triple NTTS 155808−2219
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Chapter 4: A Study of the Diverse T Dwarf Population Revealed by WISE
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Chapter 5: The Exemplar T8 Subdwarf Companion of Wolf 1130
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Chapter 6: Old T Dwarfs and the Brown Dwarf Census
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Greg Mace standing at the Cassegrain focus of Keck I.
A JPL artist conception of a brown dwarf with a rocky companion orbiting a three star system. Elementary students cheering while doing a galaxy sorting activity with Astronomy Live!. Cora being awesome.
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