Taking too long to finish your Astrophysics dissertation? Do not despair!

  • Even if you did the research for your PhD thesis FORTY YEARS AGO, if you have a fine and understanding department chair like my friend Dr. Michael Rowan-Robinson (Imperial College), you may be able to return and complete your degree.
  • Case in point: Brian May had done substantial observational work on the zodiacal background light (and is a co-author on two referreed publications), but he also liked playing guitar. Rather than continue his thesis revisions, he dropped out and joined a rock band. They went on to record about 15 albums (and then Brian made several solo albums). Most of these went gold or platinum, with total sales around one hundred millions (10**8, to astronomical precision). Several of Brian's songs incorporate astronomical ideas (although I am not aware of any in his biggest hit, "We Will, We Will Rock You".) Along the way, Brian did manage to pick up some honorary degrees (and a CBE). He even co-authored a popular book on astronomy. But although he has a Doctorate of Science, Brian is not permitted to put "Doctor" at the front of his name. He plans to rectify this situation, by returning to Imperial to complete his doctoral thesis, which has apparently still not become obsolete. Astronomy May become the "Queen" of the Sciences...
  • Details are in the final paragraph: Brian May co-authors a popular book on Astronomy, and plans to return to grad school to complete his PhD dissertaion

  • In case you have any doubts about whether Brian STILL HAS IT as an incredible guitarist and overall musician, you might check this solo out: Guitar solo live in Kiev