My dissertation research was conducted with Dr. Alice Shapley at UCLA, and aimed to determine the role that star-forming galaxies played during the epoch of reionization. I worked with optical and infrared data from Keck Observatory and the Hubble Space Telescope to measure the Lyman continuum escape fraction and study the galactic processes that govern the escape of ionizing radiation. Links to the two papers that comprised the majority of my thesis work are listed below.

    Narrowband Lyman Continuum Imaging of Galaxies at z=2.85

    A High-Resolution Hubble Space Telescope Study of Apparent Lyman Continuum Leakers at z~3

From 2008-2009, I studied nearby type Ia supernovae under Dr. Alex Filippenko at UC Berkeley.     (Link: Berkeley Supernova Ia Program I)

In 2007, I studied open star clusters under Dr. Constantine Deliyannis at University of Indiana through the NSF REU program.     (Link: WIYN Open Cluster Study)