Former UCLA Postdocs

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Name Position at UCLA Advisorsort descending Year Start Year End Current Position
Aomawa Shields Postdoctoral Scholar 2017 Assistant Professor, UC, Irvine
Louis Abramson Postdoctoral Scholar 2018
Julien Rouselle
Y. Sophia Dai Postdoctoral Scholar 2018
Travis Barman Postdoctoral Fellow Becklin 2004 2006 associate professor, Lunar and Planetary Lab, University of Arizona
Jochen Horn Postdoctoral Fellow Becklin 1998 2001
Davy Kirkpatrick NICMOS Fellow Becklin 1997 1997 , IPAC
Alycia Weinberger NICMOS Fellow Becklin 1998 2001 , Carnegie Institution, DTM
Tim Liu Postdoctoral Fellow Becklin 1991 1995
Joseph Munoz Postdoctoral Fellow Furlanetto 2010 2013 Postdoc, UCSB
Jordan Mirocha Postdoctoral Scholar Furlanetto 2018
Andrei Mesinger Postdoctoral Fellow Furlanetto 2008 2009 Faculty, SNS (Italy)
Marshall Perrin NSF Fellow Ghez 2007 2010 , STScI
Joerg-Uwe Pott Postdoctoral Fellow Ghez 2007 2008 , MPIA
Will Clarkson Postdoctoral Fellow Ghez 2008 2010 Assistant Professor, University of Michigan-Dearborn
Gaspard Duchene Postdoctoral Fellow Ghez 2000 2004 Assistant Researcher, University of California, Berkeley
Ellse Furlan NASA Fellow Ghez 2006 2009 Postdoctoral Researcher, NOAO/IPAC
Andrea Stolte Postdoctoral Fellow Ghez 2006 2009 Emmy Noether Fellow, University of Bonn
Leo Meyer DFG Fellow Ghez 2008 2009 Assistant Researcher, University of California Los Angeles
Lisa Prato Postdoctoral Fellow Ghez/McLean 1998 2004 , Lowell Observatory
Jon Zink Hansen, B. 2021 Hubble Fellow, Caltech
Ciska Kemper Spitzer Fellow Jura 2003 2005 Associate Research Fellow (tenured), Institute of Astronomy and Astrophysics, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
Jeong-Eun Lee Hubble Fellow Jura 2005 2007
David Law Hubble Fellow Larkin 2008 2011 Dunlap Fellow, University of Toronto
Stan Metchev Spitzer Fellow Larkin 2005 2008 Faculty, Western University (Canada)
Richichi Richichi Postdoctoral Fellow Malkan
Sarah Gallagher Spitzer Fellow Malkan 2003 2006 Prof., U. Western Ontario
Jose Guichard External Fellow Malkan 1999 1999 Director of INAOE
Sugai Sugai External Fellow Malkan 1993 1993 Faculty, Kavli IPMU
Tomasso Treu Hubble Fellow Malkan 2002 2005 Prof., UCSB
Xiliang Yang External Fellow Malkan 1999 1999
Adam Burgasser Hubble Fellow McLean 2002 2004 Associate professor, University of California, San Diego
Mike Muno Hubble Fellow Morris 2003 2006 Staff Scientist, MIT Lincoln Labs
Ralph Shuping Postdoctoral Fellow Morris 2001 2004 Staff Scientist, USRA-SOFIA
Taylor Aune Postdoctoral Scholar Ong 2012 2015
Stephen Fegan Postdoctoral Fellow Ong 2004 2010
Amanda Weinstein Postdoctoral Fellow Ong 2004 2009 Assistant Professor, Iowa State University
Jeff Zweerink Postdoctoral Fellow Ong 2001 2005 Assistant Researcher, UCLA (part time)
Pratik Majumdar Staff Researcher Ong 2007 2010 Associate Professor, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics
Mustapha Mouhcine Postdoctoral Fellow Rich 2001 2003
David Reitzel Postdoctoral Fellow Rich 1999 2008 , Griffith Observatory
Ivo Saviane Postdoctoral Fellow Rich 1999 2001
Andreas Koch Postdoctoral Fellow Rich 2006 2008 Emmy Noether Research Group Leader, University of Heidelberg, Germany
Yeong-Shang Loh Postdoctoral Fellow Rich 2006 2009
Samir Salim Postdoctoral Fellow Rich/Ghez 2002 2006
Molly Peeples CGE Fellow Shapley 2010 2013 AURA Assistant Astronomer, STScI
Xin Liu Hubble Fellow Shapley 2012 2015 Assistant Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Adriano Agnello Postdoc Employee Treu 2014 2015 ESO Postdoctoral Fellow, ESO
Alessandro Sonnenfeld Postdoctoral Scholar Treu 2014 2015 Postdoctoral Researcher, Kavle IPMU
Nate McCrady NSF Fellow Turner/Ghez 2005 2009 Associate Professor, University of Montana
Judit Pap Postdoctoral Fellow Ulrich 1996 1999 , Goddard Spaceflight Center
Luca Bertello Postdoctoral Fellow Ulrich 1993 1998 Research Scientist, National Solar Observatory
Javaraiah Javaraiah Postdoctoral Fellow Ulrich 2003 2008 , Indian Institute of Astrophysics, Bengaluru 560 034, India
Ferenc Varadi Postdoctoral Fellow Ulrich 1998 2004 , CLK Design Automation, Littleton, MA
Sandrine LeFebvre Postdoctoral Fellow Ulrich 2004 2005 , European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre
Stephen Fegan Postdoctoral Fellow Vassiliev 2004 2009 Permanent Position, CNRS, Ecole-Polytechnique
Sara Petty Postdoctoral Fellow Wright 2009 2012 Research Scientist, Virginia Tech
Joseph Rhee Postdoctoral Fellow Zuckerman 2007 2008
Jay Farihi Postdoctoral Fellow Zuckerman 2007 Ernest Rutherford Fellow, UCL
Insoek Song Postdoctoral Fellow Zuckerman 2000 2004