Powerpoint Slides (43) from Shoko Sakai's Feb 24, 2003 lecture Galaxy Distances: What Works

RAW NOTES FROM ASPEN 2003 Workshop on Galaxy Evolution 20 pages of rough notes in MS WORD .doc file from 5 days of lectures

First Week: Early Indications of Evolution
  • Sandage 1973: THE PROGRAM Using Elliptical Galaxies for Cosmology

  • REQUIRED: Richard Ellis' Review Article on Faint Blue Galaxies
  • Larson and Tinsley
  • Couch et al 1994 HST on Butcher-Oemler Clusters
  • Dressler et al 1994 HST on Butcher-Oemler Clusters
  • Lilly+Longair on Passive Evolution of Radiogalaxies in IR
  • Postman et al on Early-type Galaxies in Clusters Second Week: Photometric Redshifts, Lyman Break and Emission Line Galaxies
  • Steidel's Conference Review on Lyman Break Galaxies
  • Lowenthal et al. 1997 Keck Spectra of Z=3 Galaxies in Hubble Deep Field

  • Steidel et al. 1999 Lyman Break Galaxies at z=4

  • Blind test of photometric redshifts Hogg, et al 1998

  • Connolly improves precision adding NIR photometry Connolly, et al. 1997

  • Teplitz, H., Malkan, M., McLean, I., 1998, ApJ, 506, 519. An Infrared Search for Star-forming Galaxies at z > 2

  • Teplitz, H., Malkan, M., McLean, I., 1999, ApJ 514, 33. A Narrowband Imaging Search for [O III] Emission from Galaxies at z > 3

    Third Week: Deep Fields; Global History of Star Formation
  • Ferguson review article on the Deep Fields
  • Madau, P. et al. 1996, MNRAS Cosmic History of Star Formation from the HDF

  • Yan, L., McCarthy, P.J., Freudling, W., Teplitz, H.I., Malumuth, E.M., Weymann, R.J., Malkan, M.A., 1999, ApJ, 519, L47 The Halpha Luminosity Function and Global Star Formation Rate from Redshifts of 1-2

  • Michael Rowan-Robinson 1999 Global History of Star Formation

    Fourth Week: Archaelogy of our Galaxy
  • Eggen, Lynden-Bell and Sandage 1962
  • Larson 1975 on Monolithic Collapse of Elliptical Galaxies
  • Johnston 1998 on Tidal Debris from Mergers in Milky Way halo
  • Building up our Galaxy's Halo from Dwarf Mergers

    Fifth Week: Gravitational Lensing Probes
  • Bezecourt et al on Weak Lensing by Abell 370
  • Z=4.92 Lensed Arcs, with Image Reconstruction--Franx et al.

  • Z>3 Galaxy Arcs Lensed by a Foreground Cluster--Trager et al.

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