The Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics show and tell.

Talks will take place between 10am-12pm (each talk 2m) at noon we will have lunch at the patio

Make sure to have your slides (2-3) ready, bring your laptops and adaptors.

Talk schedule

Name Title
Anowar Jaman Shajib Measurement of ISW effect using WISE
Abhimat Gautam Stellar Variability and Eclipsing Binaries at the Galactic Center
Ryan Sanders The evolution of physical properties in star-forming regions over the past 12 Gyr
Pauline Arriaga The Dusty Debris Disk around HR4796A
Ned Wright Wide Field Infrared Surveys from Space
Jordan Mirocha Constraining the High Redshift Galaxy Population with Measurements at Redshifted 21-cm Wavelengths
Sarah Logsdon Near-Infrared Studies of Late-Type Brown Dwarfs with Keck and Star Forming Regions with SOFIA
S. Michelle Consiglio Star Formation and Feedback in Massive Clusters
Tuan Do Measuring the Milky Way Halo Mass
Laura Haney Young Stars and Planet Formation
Alexis Popkow A Study of Very High Energy Gamma-ray Astrophysics in the Galactic Plane with VERITAS
James Larkin Instrumentation and plans for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Alexander Stephan Binary Dynamics in the Galactic Center
Aomawa Shields Exoplanet Climatology: The Next Era of Habitable-planet Hunting
Helen Kim Optical to Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of z > 1 Galaxies in the AKARI-NEP Field
Anna Boehle The Environments Around Nearby Supermassive Black Holes
Michael Topping A high concentration of redshift z=3.09 galaxies in the SSA22a field.
Jean Turner Extragalactic chemistry
Lynnie Saade Why Black Holes are the Most Awesome of the Celestial Bodies
Daniel Gilman Strong Lensing, Substructure, and the Dark Matter Particle
Louis Abramson From Constraining to Understanding Galaxy Star Formation Histories
Michael Rich Surprises in our Galactic Bulge
Alec Vinson Spin Dynamics of Exoplanets around M Dwarfs: Effects of a Companion in Resonance
Xin Wang Spatially resolved spectroscopy and metallicity gradients from HST grisms
Matt Malkan what's up
Xinnan Du The kinematics of CIV in star forming galaxies at z~1.2
Emily Martin Characterizing low mass stars and brown dwarfs and upgrading NIRSPEC
Andrea Ghez The Galactic Center
Richard Mebane Modeling the Formation of the First Population III Stars
Ralph Bird Cosmic Rays with VERITAS - using the shadow of the Moon to measure the positron fraction.
Takahiro Morishita The size-mass relations of galaxies in different environments
Matt Buchovecky Very High Energy Emission of Galactic Center Sources
Kevin Stahl Introducing Kevin Stahl
Xuheng Ding Gravitational Lensed Quasar Hosts
Ben Zuckerman Planetary systems, young and evolved
Gunther Witzel The variable NIR source Sgr A*.
Alice Shapley MOSDEF: A MOSFIRE Survey of the Physical Properties of High-Redshift Galaxies
Julien Rousselle The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) for Very Hight Energy Astrophysics
Kiera Fuller Indirect Dark Matter Detection with GAPS
Smadar Naoz Dynamics is everywhere
Breann Sitarski Characterizing Infrared Excess Sources in the Galactic Center with Adaptive Optics
Dave Jewitt Solar System is Fabulous
Jamie Ryan Something with Matt
Peter Williams Using Machine Learning to Search for Gravitationally Lensed Quasars in the Dark Energy Survey
Li-Wei Hung Characterizing the Debris Disk HD 131835 With Multi-Wavelength High-Contrast Imaging
Michael Fitzgerald Infrared Instrumentation and High-Contrast Imaging
Jean-Luc Margot Summary of my teaching and research interests
Brad Hansen Planet Formation Big and Small