Astronomy Live!

Astronomy Live! is UCLA's award-winning astronomy outreach group, entirely grad-student run and dedicated to educating and encouraging a lifelong love of learning in our LA community. Our current coordinator is Laura Vican, who has done a brilliant job of expanding the program in a number of new directions, including science videos! To see the first of these, an instructional video for our rockets demonstration featuring myself and fellow graduate students Thomas Esposito and Breann Sitarski, check it out on the iPLEX youtube channel!

Prior to Laura, Breann and I led Astronomy Live!, and we have continued to play an active role in events and program development. AL! was founded by graduate students Gregory Mace and Kristin Kulas in Fall 2009, and has been actively promoting science in the local community since then. You can check out our previous events and upcoming events here!

On November 16, 2014 we hosted the 6th annual Exploring Your Universe event, a day of science for the public involving over 40 student groups, departments, and community partners. The event was a huge success, and we had over 5,000 visitors that day! Find out more about the event here!

UCLA Planetarium

The UCLA planetarium is Los Angeles' only free planetarium, and it's entirely grad student run! I'm a frequent presenter of public shows, with my favorite topics being exoplanets, brown dwarfs, and my self-designed show "Hot Jupiters: A big, very toasty, surprise." During my star show I like to focus on the winter sky, since I think that's where the best constellations are. If you're interested in attending a public show, we have them every Wednesday, 7pm during standard time and 8 pm during daylight savings time.


I try to maintain an active Twitter presence at @SpaceShane, where I keep up to date on current astronomical and science happenings. Follow me if you're interested, and shoot me a message if you think I'm slacking off!