Erroneous Temperature vs Time Graph

Both "Ripples in the Cosmos" by Michael Rowan-Robinson and "Shadows of Creation" by Riordan and Schramm have exactly the same temperature vs time graph. More remarkably, this duplicated graph is incorrect in a way that both Rowan-Robinson and Schramm could easily spot. The red curve on the figure below is the correct temperature vs time curve for Omega=1, Ho = 65.

There is a break in the power law from a -1/2 to a -2/3 power at the point where matter and radiation have equal density, and also a kink around 10-100 seconds as the thermal electron-positron pair plasma annihilates into photons. Figure 13.8 of "Foundations of Modern Cosmology" is a different temperature vs time plot which has the same error.

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Last modified 28-Nov-1997