Name Location Phone Email
Astronomy administrative office PAB 3-345 310-825-4434 Laura Quattropani
Archive room PAB 3-326 None Laura Quattropani
Astro 180 solar lab TBA TBA James Larkin
Classroom MS 8349 Data only Laura Quattropani
Communication closets PAB 3-938/MS 8353 310-825-8000 ITS
Computer rooms Knudsen 3-345F/MS 3-443 310-206-8596 Leon Kopelevich
Conference room PAB 3-703 Data only Laura Quattropani
Electrical closets PAB 3-938A/MS 8353 None Leon Kopelevich
Fax machine: general PAB 3-435 310-206-2096 Laura Quattropani
Fax machine: IR Lab Knudsen 6171 310-206-7254 IR Lab
HVAC room MS 8333 310-825-9236 Facilities
IR Lab: Larkin Knudsen 6164 310-825-4847 James Larkin
IR Lab: McLean Knudsen 6171/6172 310-825-1666 Ian McLean
Machine Shop Humanities (Kinsey) 20 310-825-1448 Machine Shop
Mail and copier room PAB 3-904 None Laura Quattropani
Planetarium MS 8224 310-206-9584 Laura Quattropani
Reading room and library PAB 3-326 Data only Laura Quattropani
Remote observing room (internal access only) Knudsen 3-145 310-206-1620 Laura Quattropani
Solar archives MS 1901 310-825-9939 Roger Ulrich
Solar tower: 150-foot Mount Wilson 626-440-1119 Roger Ulrich
STACEE lab Knudsen 4173 310-206-8573 Rene Ong
Telescope: 6-inch MS 9114D None James Larkin
Telescope: 14-inch MS 9114A None James Larkin
Telescope: 16-inch MS 9318C None James Larkin
Telescope: 24-inch MS 9114C None James Larkin
Telescope: solar MS 9318D None James Larkin