Galactic Center Research

The Galactic Center Group researches the innermost regions of the Milky Way.

Extrasolar Planets & Planetary Science

Our research develops an understanding of planet, comet, and asteroid formation

Infrared Instruments & Airborne Astronomy

Techniques and applications of infrared imaging devices for astrophysics.

Galaxies & Galaxy Evolution

Our research explores the structure and composition of galaxies beyond our own.

Stellar & Galactic Astronomy

Our focus is on the physical and chemical processes that occur in the universe.

High Energy Astrophysics

The Astrophysics team explores the astrophysics of the high-energy Universe.

Cosmology & Structure of the Universe

Cosmology is the study of the origin, current state, and future of our universe.

Astroparticle Physics

Our astroparticle physics group specializes in a number of interconnected areas of interest.